Hi, I'm Jason

A product designer passionate about crafting software and tools that enhances people's lives. I worked across consumer entertainment, home A/V, commerce, enterprise tools, and more.

The Roku Channel Subscriptions
Connecting customers to premium entertainment
The Roku Channel Sign Up
Reduce user friction by simplifying sign up
Samsung Smart View
Mobile strategy and app redesign
The Roku Channel Music
Improving the playlist experience
Samsung EXTRA
Enhancing the live TV experience
Samsung Sports Live
Enriching live sports viewing
Jason about me

About me

I'm a product designer with 10+ years of experience building digital software.

As an early design member at both Roku and Samsung, I led 0-1 products on tv, mobile. Most recently at Roku, I was responsible for the core app and monetization initiatives on The Roku Channel. At Samsung and Sling, I contributed to the design strategy for devices and services, focused on sports and social content.

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, paddle boarding, and traveling.